New AI-powered beauty eCommerce intelligence tool from Mintel is the smartest way for brands to understand digital commerce

CHICAGO, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Understanding the US online beauty and personal care space is complicated, time-consuming, and fraught with error. To keep up with what consumers are saying about products, benchmark against competitors, and understand changes in pricing, brands need to look beyond manual data collection and analysis.

Mintel.  (PRNewsFoto/Mintel)

Mintel. (PRNewsFoto/Mintel)

Mintel eCommerce Intelligence provides comprehensive insights and analytics on the US beauty eCommerce landscape.

Following several years of development, Mintel’s team of data science, data analytics, and category experts have created Mintel eCommerce Intelligence—a powerful tool that transforms large amounts of complex, raw eCommerce data into clean, consolidated data sets, enabling brands to make better, faster decisions, optimize their digital proposition, and drive revenue growth.

Sofía Chalmers, Vice President of Beauty, North Americaat Mintel said:

Mintel’s new AI-powered beauty eCommerce tool delivers actionable intelligence that can be used by Insights, eCommerce, Marketing, and Innovation teams to make data-driven decisions, and optimize digital propositions. Complete with the confidence of Mintel’s data science methodologies, data analytics , and category expertise, and 50-year legacy in market intelligence.

“This innovative tool puts the data, understanding, and analytics into beauty brands’ hands, empowering them to drive eCommerce revenue growth. The powerful consumer insights detail what resonates with consumers so our clients can build stronger brands and create winning product development strategies.”

Mintel’s approach, platform, and expertise are what set it apart

The platform allows beauty and personal care brands to monitor pricing across four key price segments, use data-based insights for creative optimization, identify their own, and competitors’, strengths and shortcomings, respond to consumers’ changing needs and behaviors online, and focus on demand-based innovations that will drive sales.

Ewa BerusProduct Managerat Mintel said:

“Mintel eCommerce Intelligence is an online, interactive platform that provides comprehensive insights and analytics on the US beauty eCommerce landscape. Data is webscraped weekly to capture the latest information on products, brands, reviews, and pricing. Mintel has more than 1.2 million product records to date, with hundreds added every week.

“Multiple phases of detailed data quality checks are applied to clean and aggregate the data and data science modeling and analytics methodologies are then applied to provide detailed analysis and interactive visual insights via the easy-to-use online dashboards. Simply put, Mintel eCommerce Intelligence provides the essential analytics to boost beauty brands’ eCommerce sales.”

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